Flats for Rent in Nha Trang - The Cheapest Price - Fully Furnished

Flats for rent in Nha Trang- the cheapest price- fully furnished

Contact to below address to get more information about the flats for rent- the chepaest price- fully furnished
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Hotline: 0914834910 – ( If you are Vietnamese)

Advantage : 
These flats were built by Vietnamese- Australian co-orperation. There are many flats in a big place with fully furnished icluding: Free Internet& Wifi, security camera, mattress, bed, TV, re-fregerator, gas stove, air-condinator, cooking furniture…

Suitable for everyone who have short tour in Nha Trang Vietnam
           Flats are in the best security area.
      Closest with the area of hot mineral bath I-resort and Vietnamese market. Comfortable for any activities (Sport, Relaxation, Shopping, Swimming…)
-       7 km in distant to the Nha Trang Center
-        Be invested by Australian investors, the environment is suitable for foreigners worldwide
Giá cho thuê theo tháng : 155$ Monthly Cost: 155 $ over month
Giá cho thuê theo ngày : 13$ Daily Cost: 13 $ over one day

All Photos, Video, Information in this advertisement are real
Contact directly to the owner

The targetsof the Flat for rent in Nha trang - the cheapest price- fully furnished web-page is toward to the satisfaction of clients. If you have any concerns, please contact to us as below addresses:
-        Email : contact@dichvuaznhatrang.com
-        Website: http://www.dichvuaznhatrang.com/

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